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Claudine Valance Sewing Pattern

Claudine Valance Sewing Pattern
Claudine Valance mounted on a rod
Questions about this item? Ask here. Questions about this item? Ask here. (See 12 Questions)
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This simple, yet smart tab valance with banding along the top and bottom edge can be adapted to fit any size window. Be sure to purchase our bias tape maker and Steam-A-Seam2 for easy band application.  The valance can be mounted on knobs with post adapters or on a curtain rod with rings.
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Questions and Answers
Q: I just received the Haley pattern. I like the look but without the tabs on the top. Can I just cut them off and use the pattern like the Claudine valance was made and installed?
Asked by:  - 3/4/2014
A: Judy, that would not work because then there would be no gathering to form the horns on the Haley Valance. The Claudine valance pattern has separate shaped pattern pieces forming the horns.
Answer provided by:  
Q: How wide of a valance does the pattern make? I have very large windows.
Asked by:  - 3/11/2014
A: The Claudine can be made as wide as you need it. The pattern goes into detail of how to make the valance to fit your window.
Answer provided by:  
Q: How does the Claudine valance look shorter, say 14-15" with three swoops on a window?
Asked by:  - 3/18/2014
A: I think that will look fine! Instructions are included in our pattern for alterations.
Answer provided by:  
Q: Could this particular pattern be used on a bay window or would another pattern work better?
Asked by:  - 5/31/2014
A: Claudine works great on a bay window. Just make sure to place a horn at each of the bends or the breaks and you want to try to make each of the swag sections as close to the same size as possible although when looking at a bay window valance it creates an optical illusion making the side swags appear to be a different size than the middle swags.
Answer provided by:  
Q: What is the fullness of this valance? Is it the same as drapes or is it basically the width of the window?
Asked by:  - 7/15/2014
A: The pattern is wider than the window space that it is covering but we don't design our valances with a typical "fullness" in mind. So it isn't the same as drapes.
Answer provided by:  
Q: Would the Claudine pattern work well on a series of four windows (40" wide each) with a combined width of 13'10"? Is the pattern adaptable to accommodate such a width?
Asked by:  - 7/16/2014
A: The Claudine would be perfect for a 13' window. Just continue adding swag sections until you get the desired width. As the pattern is now, for a 156" window you would want to use 8 swag sections which would make the treatment finished at around 160 to 164" That is installing the knobs about 20 to 20.5 inches apart. If you wanted to use 7 swags rather than 8 you would just need to make them a little wider. Make a mock out of lining or an old bed sheet to determine which size swag you like best before cutting your decorative fabric. Then refigure the amount of fabric you will need for your specific fabric pattern repeat and swag size.
Answer provided by:  
Q: Is this pattern one of your easiest to make? If not, which one would your say is your easiest pattern?
Asked by:  - 7/23/2014
A: The level of difficulty depends on if you are a left brain or a right brain thing. The Claudine pattern is one of our easier patterns in my opinion because it is made up of small pieces that are all cut out then sewn together to make up the valance. It differs from some of our other patterns that are thought to be easier because they are made up of only one long pattern piece that is cut out after the 54" widths of fabric have been sewn together.
Answer provided by:  
Q: Would it look proportionate to add length to the outside horns of the Claudine valance to mimic the Cuff-Top valance outside edges?
Asked by:  - 9/19/2014
A: If you like a longer side horn you can certainly extend the length of the C piece by cutting horizontally across the bottom portion of the horn, just below the bottom of the leading edge where it connects to the swags. Split the pattern apart the amount you want to lengthen it. This is one way to lengthen it. If you want it really long then you will need to add width into the bottom portion as well by splitting the pattern piece up the middle and swinging the bottom portion away from each other while keeping the top together. You will be adding a wedge shape into this piece. It would be best to do this on a piece of brown paper to make another pattern piece instead of cutting your pattern piece into 4 pieces.
Answer provided by:  
Q: I have the pattern for the Claudine valance but have lost the directions, is it possible to get those?
Asked by:  - 10/28/2014
A: You can certainly order another copy. We can fax it to you for free or you can pay the shipping to have it mailed to you. The instructions are not email formatted so they can't be emailed. Speak with Tracy in our ordering department 205.424.1770
Answer provided by:  
Q: Can the pattern be easily altered.... width of main pattern piece, horn etc?
Asked by:  - 6/27/2016
A: The Claudine is super easy to adjust the width as well as the length. We don't go into detail regarding the length but it is done in the same manner as adjusting the width. We split the pattern piece and spread the pieces apart to lengthen/widen it and we fold a tuck to shorten it. The pieces just have to fit together after the alterations. So if you alter the A you have to alter the adjoining pieces the same amount as well.
Answer provided by:  
Q: One photo show the valance hanging from clip-on rings. The link for details show tabs on the pattern. Do the instructions include making this change to use rings and not tabs for mounting?
Asked by:  - 7/28/2016
A: The instructions are written with the tab method of installation. If you would rather have the clip on rings, just omit this step and clip the rings on after the treatment is constructed.
Answer provided by:  
Q: looking for a reversible valance....have two fabrics that I want to use for a customer and want one on each side to have a variety....the Claudine valance seems to be one I think would work best and be easy... is this reversible?....please advise on ones that are easy and reversible.....need to make a decision and order today.....thanks june... the upholstery shoppe Paducah KY 2704445700
Asked by:  - 4/16/2014
No Answers have been submitted yet.
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Southern Lady July/Aug 2011
Pate-Meadows Designs specializes in the creation of professional sewing patterns. We have created a line of valance patterns and drapery panel patterns for the latest designs for high-end window treatments. These curtain patterns include details not found in most home-sewing drapery patterns. By using our curtain patterns, you will be able to create your own beautiful, professional-looking curtains with your choice of fabric and design. Our patterns cater to all levels of sewing experience so you don't have to be a sewing expert to achieve stunning results.

Our step-by-step sewing instructions and detailed illustrations will give you all the necessary expertise needed to achieve fabulous-looking curtains. In addition, our curtain patterns provide instructions on custom sewing techniques such as piping, interlining and contrast bandings. Unlike Simplicity or Butterick valance patterns, Pate-Meadows curtain patterns give instructions and techniques used in professional workrooms.

If you have basic sewing skills, you should have no problem achieving truly stunning results with our valance curtain patterns. Take a look at our testimonials and also our picture gallery to see some of the fantastic window treatments our customers have created using our curtain patterns. These curtain pictures will inspire you with all the fantastic window treatment ideas.

There are two lines of curtain patterns available: Southern Living Patterns, created for Southern Living Magazine and its Idea Houses, and Pate-Meadows' own Show Home Patterns which includes lots of valance patterns in addition to drapery panel patterns.

Pate-Meadows Designs has also introduced a line of drapery hardware that includes unique knobs, finials, holdbacks and medallions that are great for hanging many of our curtain valances and drapery panels. This website also provides lots of window treatment ideas and pictures of window treatments in addition to a tips & techniques section.