Here's a cute idea I came up with for Abby's room.  We didn't want these bean bag chairs to be flopped on the floor all the time so we hung them on the wall !!!  Click HERE to see the Youtube Video about it !

I found some second hand bean bag chairs online for $10 each.  They were not cute at all !

I used our Buffalo Check in Blush.  You can find that HERE

So I carefully measured all the sections and made a brown craft paper pattern.

  • I stitched a zipper along the entire side of the first two sections then stitched the remaining 6 sides right sides together with those first two to create the bean bag body.  Set aside. 
  • Next I folded the handle down the middle (wrong sides together) and pressed to make a crease.  Then I opened it back up and folded the two long sides to meet in the middle of the crease I just created. (wrong sides together)  
  • Next I folded the handle along the crease again and top stitched along the long edge.
  • Then I laid the completed handle across the middle of the right side of the small circle and stitched both ends to the circle at 1/4" from the edge and also at 1/2" from the edge to make it really secure.  It will look like this after completing the next step.
  • Next I stitched the circles at the top and the bottom of the bean bag body, right sides together.  
  • Turn and stuff with your old bean bag.  
  • (** I also top stitched all my seams to make sure they were all really secure but this isn't necessary**)
I painted these cute hooks I had leftover from a previous project.

I used the Erin Valance Pattern to make the window treatments and hung them on our Regal Small Knobs in Antique Gold

And that's it !!!