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How To Make Bow-Tie Trim

As seen in Southern Lady Magazine Nov/Dec 2010

To figure how much ribbon you need.  Take the area to be covered and multiply by 3.  For example, if you need to cover 36".  Multiply 36 x 3 and you get 108".   We used 1-1/2” velvet ribbon for this project. Turn the ribbon wrong side up and mark on the back side of the ribbon every 2 inches.
Using the marks, pleat up the ribbon forming 2" box pleats as shown above.
Press the pleats in place.
Apply three rows of Steam-A-Seam2to the backside of the ribbon by pressing with a steam iron.
Turn the ribbon right side up.  Peel the backing off the Steam-A-Seam and carefully press the pleated ribbon onto your curtain along the leading edge.
Pleat up each box pleat forming a bow tie as shown.  Use the tack gunas shown to tack the bow tie.
Keep pleating and tacking and you will have a beautiful handmade trim for your curtain!
Instead of ribbon, you can use your own fabric to make the bow-tie trim.  Just make a 1-1/2" tube of fabric and turn right side out and press.  Follow the steps above.