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Materials Needed:

  • Yarn of your choice
  • Wooden Tassel Forms (paint or stain if desired) 
  • Decorative Twist Cord - approximately 3/16" diameter
  • Scotch Tape

Learn how to make these creative easy DIY Tassel Ties.

Shown with Haley Valance

Here are the items you will need.

Cut a sturdy piece of scrap cardboard 3" wide

Cut a piece of yarn about 8" long and position it along the edge of the cardboard as shown.

Wrap the first color yarn around the cardboard about 20 times

Next wrap the accent color yarn around the cardboard about 6 times. You can experiment with different colors to achieve the look that you want.

Tie a knot in the yarn at the top as shown

Cut the yarn across the bottom of the cardboard.

At this point, your tassel should look like this. Repeat the process to get the number of tassels that you need.

Measure out the decorative twist cord to 34" long. Wrap a piece of scotch tape at the 34" mark before cutting the cord. This will keep the cord from unraveling.

Cut the cord in the middle of the tape as shown.

Wrap scotch tape around one end of the decorative cord. This will enable you to thread the cord through the opening of the wooden tassel forms.

Thread two of the wooden tassel forms onto the twist cord as shown above. Slide the tassel forms to each end of the twist cord being careful not to allow them to slip off.  Trim off excess tape, leaving a small amount on the end of the cording to keep it from unraveling.

Take one of your tassels and tie tightly about 1/2" from the end of the cord.

Tie a knot in the cord as shown above.

Pull the tassel form over the knot. Repeat the process for the other end of the cord.

Finished product!

Shown in another color with cotton chenille yarn.

We used these tassels on the Haley Valance.