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This tuffet has a pleated underskirt with a sheer, gathered overskirt.  The top cushion is gathered in the center and tufted with a big covered button.  We used our pre-cut 16" wide x 17" tall round Tuffet Base is available at here.


Use pattern above for cutting fabric.  Seam allowances are included.  The entire tuffet kit, which includes the tuffet base, foam, batting, piping to cover, center button, cardboard tacking strip,  full size pattern and instruction booklet is available here or by calling us at 205-424-1770.  
Take the fabric that you cut for the cushion top (see pattern above) and fold in half, right sides together, matching short ends.  Stitch, using a 1/2" seam allowance.  Press seam open.  Serge or zigzag all raw edges.
Using a tufting needle and tufting twine, hand gather one long edge of the cushion top. *Tip:  Dental floss is a great substitution for tufting twine!
Draw tufting twine up tightly and tie securely.
Using 4" thick foam, cut it 16" diameter. Cut a 1-1/2" hole through the foam.  If you don't have a foam cutter, you can use a serrated knife.  It doesn't have to be a perfect hole.
Be sure the hole through the center of the stool base is big enough to get a tufting needle through.  If it is not, drill a bigger hole.
Using batting, cut out the cushion top 16" diameter.  Cut a piece of batting for the band that is 52" x 4".  Batting is available at or by calling Pate-Meadows Designs (205-424-1770)
Serge or straight stitch the band to the cushion top.
Slip the batting over the foam.
Slipstitch the batting in place to the foam with a needle and thread.
Slip the cushion cover over the foam.
Cover a 2" diameter button with your fabric.  Using a 10" tufting needle and tufting twine, thread the twine through the eye of the button and insert the threaded needle through the center of the cushion.
Insert the needle down through the wooden stool base.
Turn stool upside down and pull the twine through the hole in the bottom of the stool and pull tightly.   Screw a small screw into the base and tie the twine around it to anchor it.  We also staple the twine for added strength.
Staple the bottom of the cushion top to the bottom of the stool.  Make sure the button stays in the proper position.
To make pleating, sew the 4 strips of pleat fabric (right sides together) end-to-end, forming one long piece.  Next, fold the pleating in half lengthwise with wrong sides together.  Press.
Stitch along the long raw edge with a straight stitch or serger.
The pleated ruffle is formed by pleating 1-1/4" pleats.  To form the pleats, stop the presser foot as you cross each new pleat and pick up the fabric to form the next pleat.  Continue sewing and folding for the entire length.  Be sure to finish the raw edges on each end of the ruffle.
Press the pleating in place.  The next step is sewing the skirt section.  With right sides together, sew the 4 sections of the skirt together using a 1/2" seam allowance.
Sew the pleating to the right side of the skirt using a 1/2" seam allowance.
Serge raw edges at the top of the skirt and set aside.
With right sides together, sew the 3 widths of the tuffet skirt using a 1/2" seam allowance.  Join all sides together forming one continuous piece.  Finish the bottom edge of the skirt with a roll hem.  You can add decorative trim to the bottom of the skirt, if desired.
Gather the sheer skirt.
Staple the piping onto the bottom of the cushion base.  Be sure to tuck under raw edges at the point where the beginning and the end of the piping meet.
Next, staple the gathered, sheer skirt, right side down.
Next, staple the pleated skirt, right side down.
Staple the cardboard tacking strip next, lining up the outer edge with the edge of the particle board..  This gives you a rigid edge.  Cardboard tacking strip is available at upholstery shops and from
Turn tuffet right side up and you are finished !