Pate-Meadows Designs was founded over 25 years ago and incorporated in 1995 as a high-end drapery workroom specializing in creative, one-of-a-kind window treatments.  Original principals, Leigh Pate and Caterina Meadows,  worked together up until the end of 2015 and had over 40 years of combined experience in the design and construction of drapery and window treatments for the home.  

Until recently, Pate-Meadows has concentrated on creating curtain patterns that allow customers with basic sewing skills to create high-end window treatments. These curtain patterns include details not found in most home-sewing patterns, so they yield more professional-looking results. Hardware was also limited at the time the patterns were being created so the focus became curtain design and  their own unique hardware development for the treatments to be installed on.   
The curtain creations of Pate-Meadows Designs have appeared in numerous Southern Living Idea Houses, Southern Living Lowe's Show Homes and many other designer show houses.  In addition, their designs appear frequently in Southern Living Magazine. The company won a national design competition sponsored by Window Fashions Magazine, and has had other designs featured in that publication. They have also been featured several times in Southern Lady Magazineas well as the Winter 2003 issue of Window & Wall Ideas.   Eventually, they became a regular contributor  to  Material Matters,  a regular column in Southern Lady Magazine.

In 1996, Pate-Meadows teamed up with Southern Living to produce a line of window treatment patterns. This line of Window Treatment Patternsfeatures many treatments and valances that have appeared in Southern Living Idea Houses.  Since then, Pate-Meadows has a developed a line of their own curtain patterns called Show Home Patterns

In 2015, Leigh retired from the window treatment business and Caterina became the sole principal of Pate Meadows Designs.  She moved the business to Franklin, TN to be closer to her husband's work and continues to  run a custom workroom while still developing the patterns and hardware and also contributes to Hoffman Media Publications.

Caterina also contributes to regular Youtube postings from OutOnThaPorch., Facebook and Instagram..

Caterina was recently featured on Ceil Diguglielomo's weekly podcast, Sew Much More.  Check out the Podcast to hear all about Pate Meadows and how they got started in the business.  

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