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We offer two lines of sewing patterns.  The Southern Living Valance Patterns and the ShowHome Patterns.  The Southern Living Valance Patterns were introduced first. Written and designed by Pate Meadows Designs,  exclusively for Southern Living Magazine after readers expressed a demand for the same original curtains and soft furnishings.  These are the designs for which Pate Meadows became so well known.  These treatments were originally designed for the Southern Living Idea Houses and Lowe's/Southern Living Idea Houses as well as some of the local Show Houses

As we honed our skills for writing and producing patterns, it became obvious pattern producing was just as much our craft as was making custom furnishings.  So we created our own line of patterns.........

 Both pattern lines are meant to educate and share our knowledge of high end fabrication techniques and allow the average home sewer with basic sewing skills the ability to replicate and customize these same treatments while achieving the same high end results.

Both pattern lines were also meant to enable other workrooms to be able to recreate the same look without having to draft the patterns when their customers came to them with the pictures from Southern Living Magazine. 

From there we went on to create other instructional guides such as the

TUFFET PATTERNS  Both have been featured in Southern Lady Magazine and on their social media pages.

Our desire is to share our knowledge and the tools to help others that may choose to start a home based business just as we did all those years ago.
    Abigail Valance Pattern, Catherine Valance Pattern, Claudine Valance Pattern, Celebrity Valance Pattern, Cuff Top Valance Pattern, Dana Valance Pattern, Delaine Valance Pattern, Eleanor Valance Pattern, Emily Valance Pattern, Erin Valance Pattern, Haley Valance Pattern, Julia Valance Pattern, Kasey Valance Pattern, Lace-Up Valance Pattern, Louise Valance Pattern, Madelyn Valance Pattern, Marley Valance Pattern, Marley Valance Pattern, Melissa Valance Pattern, Mims Valance Pattern, Missy Valance Pattern, Morrison Valance Pattern, Julie Anne Panels Pattern, Cuff Top Panels Pattern, Floppy Top Panels Pattern, Pull-Up Valance Pattern, Ruth Valance Pattern, Sadie Valance Pattern, Tracy Valance Pattern, Anna Valance Pattern, Brenthaven Valance Pattern, Baseball-Rosette Valance Pattern, Carriage Valance Pattern, Celebration Valance Pattern, Indoor Awning Valance Pattern, Gusset Valance Pattern, Pointed Tassel Valance, Pleated With Finials Valance, Poplar Grove Panels Pattern
    We now offer the pattern instruction booklet if you have misplaced or damaged yours. Please call or email us providing proof of purchase of the original pattern packet with the order number or the email from us confirming receipt of order/payment. Please DO NOT order the booklet without FIRST providing proof of purchase. NO refunds will be issued for failure to do so.