Q: How much fabric is needed for the Mims valance? My windows are 23 inches wide.

Asked by: Martha Biesk - 9/15/2013
A: http://www.patemeadows.com/assets/images/Yardage%20PDFs/Mims%20Yardage.pdf This is the link on our website for the yardage requirements for different sizes of windows.
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (9/23/2013)


Asked by: PATTY - 9/19/2013
A: All of our instructions include a yardage chart and alterations directions for making virtually any size you need to fit your windows. If you do not see your size window, give us a call at 205.424.1770 ext 2 and we will be glad to assist you
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (9/23/2013)

Q: how is this curtain mounted?

Asked by: - 9/20/2013
A: The Mims valance has a casing that is gathered around the post before the knob is screwed into the end of the post.
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (9/24/2013)

Q: Can the length of this valance be easily adjusted using this pattern?

Asked by: Juli Miller - 9/27/2013
A: Adjusting the length either longer or shorter is very easy. If at any time you are not clear on the instructions, just give us a call or email your technical questions. We are happy to assist you.
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (9/28/2013)

Q: With the Mims pattern, can you spread out the knobs so that my 40 inch window just uses 3 finials?

Asked by: Michele - 10/12/2013
A: The instructions included in the Mims pattern go into full detail for making the swag sections wider if desired. If you have any questions you are welcome to give us a call. We will be happy to assist you.
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (10/12/2013)

Q: Would the mims or cuff top be easier to do for an 81 inch window?

Asked by: Whit - 10/15/2013
A: I would rate the Mims and the Cuff Top equally the same. They are both very easy.
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (10/15/2013)

Q: Can this be altered to be board mounted? I have the pattern and I'm ready to make it.

Asked by: Jen - 10/22/2013
A: The Mims Valance can be board mounted in the same manner the Kasey and Emily Valances are mounted. Simply make a skirt out of a decorative fabric and staple it to the top of the board. This will hang behind the valance to conceal the board. Screw the knobs through the skirt and directly into the board to hang the valance. Sometimes we sew little buttonholes for the screw to go through and sometimes we just clip a little hole with scissors. It will be concealed behind the knob so it is up to you. For further detail just give us a call.
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (10/24/2013)

Q: Do you have any really cute knobs like you have pictured for the mims valance?

Asked by: brenda - 11/14/2013
A: Unfortunately we were not able to obtain stock on these cute knobs. You can find similar ones at Anthropology which can be used with our Post Adapters.
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (11/14/2013)

Q: I'm looking for a valance such as the Catherine valance for use over a bay window?

Asked by: Cynthia - 12/5/2013
A: The Catherine works wonderfully on a bay window whether using a knob installation or a rod with rings. Occasionally the width of the swag sections will have to be altered but the pattern instructions go into full detail for doing so. You are welcome to call or email me with any questions. I will be happy to assist you.
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (12/7/2013)

Q: I love the melon knobs pictured on your pattern. I am concerned about the fact that they have a bolt rather than screw back. Is that a problem screwing them into your post adapters? What is the minimum diameter the knob should be in order to conceal the cable zip ties? Thanks for any help.

Asked by: Patty - 1/14/2014
A: The bolt works fine screwed into our post adapters. If they are really long, you may have to trim them down with bolt cutters. The knobs need to be at least around 2" diameter to conceal the cable zip ties. This, of course, depends on the thickness of your fabric and how tied you can pull the zip tie.
Answer provided by: Pate-Meadows Designs (1/30/2014)

Q: When mounting the Mims Valance, over a drape , what size posts do I need to purchase?

Asked by: Maria - 1/29/2014
A: Maria, if you are installing your valance over drapes, we suggest using the posts with the 5.5" projection instead of the 3.75" projection. They can be found here: http://www.patemeadows.com/Finial-AdapterPost-Extender-55-Projection--NEW-IMPROVED-STYLE_p_279.html
Answer provided by: Pate-Meadows Designs (1/30/2014)

Q: The width and length of valance.?

Asked by: Pam - 2/15/2014
A: The length of the valance is approximately 20 1/2 inches long. By following the directions giving in our sewing pattern, you can make it as wide as you need it to be to fit your window size.
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (2/16/2014)

Q: I love this valance and want to make I used to be a great sewer but haven't sewed for about 15 years. Is this easy to make. Hope so because I love it. Could you tell me if this pattern will fit a 23" window, I want to start back into sewing on a small window. And also what accessories can I buy from you to hang it the way you have it pictured. I want to order everything I need at one time? Thanks Holly Fisch

Asked by: holly - 2/22/2014
A: The Mims valance is one of our easier valances so you should have no problem. Sewing is like riding a bike. No matter how long it's been it will come right back to you in no time! If you have any questions we are really easy to reach. Give us a call or email for personal attention.

You could do two of the swag portions instead of three or you can alter the swag width down to use three as the photo shows for a 23 inch window. I recommend two. We also recommend making a mock out of a sheet or some left over fabric to decide before cutting into your decorative fabric. We have all the hardware and supplies you will need to make it just like the photo.
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (2/24/2014)

Q: what size window does this fit? I have one double window and 2 small windows on the side

Asked by: Angela - 2/26/2014
A: The Mims sewing pattern, as is, will fit a window 36-42" but our pattern instructions give detailed information on adapting it to other window widths.
Answer provided by: Pate Meadows Designs (2/26/2014)

Q: What color is the lining? Does the hardware come with the valance or is it separate?

Asked by: Dene - 3/26/2014
A: The hardware is sold separately and since the valance is custom you will choose any color lining you like.
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (3/27/2014)

Q: Can this be mounted on a pole rod using the rings? I have four rings per pole and width of pole between brackets is 39". I would like to use the poles as they are already installed and were quite expensive. Does this attach similarly to the Marley valance which I have used before on another project?

Asked by: Bea - 5/28/2014
A: The Mims can be installed on a pole with rings and will be similar to the Marley in that way.
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (5/29/2014)

Q: Can this pattern be adapted to make long panels? I like the "swag" style at the top but am wanting to make panels vs. a valence.

Asked by: Missy - 7/19/2014
A: I've tried making panels with the concept of gathering the fabric around the knob and they turned out ok , You have to reduce the width between the knobs quite a bit because the panel is going to droop on the floor much more in that area. Also, when the shirred part is gathered around the knob the panel will become shorter because it is pulled up on the post in that area. So the scoop can't be too deep. You also want the knobs to be spaced apart on your window enough so that the knobs aren't touching or too close. So to get all the spaces and gathered areas equally the same while making them work out to require a 54" width of fabric can be a challenge but if you take the time I am sure you will like the outcome.
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (7/21/2014)

Q: My window measures 74" which includes 2" on either side of the window frame. Your suggestions for window width is 62-68 and 75-81.which of these yardages should I use since 74" falls between the recommended yardage suggested?

Asked by: Jan - 7/20/2014
A: When your window size is larger than than one of the sizes we list but smaller than the next size up you will want to decide which option you like best to determine the size that will work best for you. You will need to either add an additional swag section which may or may not need to be made a little narrower or alter the swags a little wider on the smaller size we list. In other words, on a 62-68" window we recommend 6 knobs and 5 swags. On the next size up you will need 7 knobs and 6 swags. If you would rather have the smaller version with 5 swags you will need to alter the pattern to be a little wider. 1 1/2" is going is going to add 7.5 inches to the finished width of the valance which would make the valance 69.5-75.5 which would be perfect. Doing the reverse to the larger width window size would work as well. So determine if you would rather have 5 swags or 6 swags and go from there.
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (7/21/2014)

Q: I bought the Mims pattern for my three windows in the living room. They are tall windows, the middle being 35" wide and the two on the other side 31" wide. There are 24" of wall space between the windows. My question is should I have the same number knobs on each curtain, or three on the two outside windows and four on the inside window?

Asked by: Jan - 9/4/2014
A: You can handle it a couple of ways. Do the same number of knobs but you will either hang them all at 36" since you have quite a bit of room in between the windows OR hang the wide window at 36 using 4 knobs and 3 swags then hang the smaller windows at 32 but remove about an inch out of each of the swags. We will be happy to discuss this further with you if you would like to give us a call.
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (9/6/2014)

Q: Can you use this with a curtain rod and clips similar to the Catherine Valance?

Asked by: gigger85 - 10/24/2015
A: The horns are gathered into a circle using a zip tie. You could use a rod with rings but you would need to thread the ring onto the zip tie before zipping it closed. Then you would slip your ring onto your rod. A clip would not work with this application
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (10/27/2015)

Q: Can this be mounted on a board?

Asked by: Diane - 12/12/2015
A: You certainly could mount the Mims on a board but you will want to still use the knobs to secure it to the face of the board and you would need to pull the valance tight so that it doesn't dip between them. This will keep the board from showing. UNLESS you want to use a dust skirt behind the valance. A dust skirt is a decorative fabric that is stapled to the top of the board and waterfalls down behind the valance usually 6 to 8 inches. This prevents the board from showing and allows the valance to maintain the dip between the knobs.
Answer provided by: Caterina Meadows (12/14/2015)