Here's what our customers are saying.  Thank you to all who take the time to send your inspirational feedback.  We love hearing about your home dec sewing projects using our patterns!   Caterina Meadows, owner

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Loved your Pleated with Finials Pattern!  I thought it would be too complicated for me but decided to try it since I wanted the custom look without paying the price.  After making the first one, I got the hang of it and was ready to tackle my daunting bay window.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out and ready to try more patterns.  I'm including a picture.  Oh, by the way, I purchased by first sewing machine to make these valances.  I've done seven valances so far and working on my eighth!  It would have cost a fortune to have someone make all of these for me.  Very pleased!
D'Nai, by email
This is the first time I have sent photos.  I did these last year and loved using your patterns.  They are so elegant, and the explanations and illustrations are very clear.  The Morrison pattern was the most fun I have ever made and I didn't even want to give those to treatments to my customer!  I am going to order the Marley pattern soon and I am so excited about using that one for my own kitchen.
Renae, Columbus, GA
I am looking forward to your new patterns and hope that I will have the opportunity to use them.  My clients go crazy over all of your designs.  I have attached pics of the Julie Anne Panels.  Thank you for posting.
Jacquelyn, Mooresville, NC

Here is a picture of an Emily and Claudine valance I made for my breakfast room window and kitchen sink window.  They were the first window treatments I ever made and I fell in love with how easy your pattern and directions were to follow.
Shelly, Roswell, GA

I love the new patterns you have listed on your website.  Can't wait to try them!  Your pattern instructions have been very helpful and so far I have found them to be easy to understand!  Being a visual learner, the extra pictures/drawings always help me!
Barbara, Kingwood, TX

Haven't sewn in 15 years and had only sewn a few times before that.  This is the first of three windows.  I was nervous about making all measurements exact, but the big easy patterns made it fun!  I will send in the next two windows when complete.

Drake Murray, Plano, TX

I ordered your Cuff-Top Valance pattern a few months back when I began remodeling my kitchen/dining room.  I absolutely love this pattern!!  It was to easy to follow and to modify to suit my needs.  The valance for my kitchen turned out beautifully and I am now working on the matching one that will go above the patio doors.  I am enclosing pictures of the finished valance.  Thank you so much for making these wonderful patterns available!!

Tina Campbell, Barbourville, KY

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your window treatment patterns.  It typically takes me forever to finish a project because I'm such a procrastinator.  However, your patterns are so easy to follow and adapt that I finished the Cuff-Top Valance in no time at all!  People think I had them professionally made.!  Thanks for a great product.

Tamatha Kaplan, by email

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how great your patterns are.  I am an amateur when it comes to sewing, but thanks to your so-simple patterns, the valances look like I had them professionally made.  When I had a drapery store quote me, they wanted almost $1500 to make them and the ones they quoted me were not much different from the pattern I purchased from you.  I have only $175 in materials invested in these and my time to make them.  I will definitely keep your website bookmarked for any future window treatments I need.

Vicky, by email

Pleated With Finials.  This is a great pattern!!!  I made a roller shade to go with my valance and they look beautiful.  I will definitely buy more patterns.  Thanks!

Terri, by email

I am sending some photos of the Dana and Floppy Top Panels I made from your great designs.  Sharing your great designs have enabled me to have the designer look I so much love.  Because my whole house is complete, I think I need to move to do it all over again.  Again, your designs send me over the top, your directions are wonderful.  When I pick up a Southern Living magazine, I spot your designs immediately.

Katharine Cain, by email

I just love your patterns!  I'm an accountant by profession, but I lost my job earlier this year due to a company takeover.  My position moved to Wisconsin and I didn't want to leave Georgia!  I've always wanted to do something more artistic and I've always loved fabric, so curtain design was an excellent choice.  I buy fabric like other ladies buy handbags and shoes.  I've always sewn for my own personal use, but I decided to take a chance and see if anyone else would be interested in my work.  I started my own custom design business about 6 months ago and things have just taken off!  Your designs are, by far, my customer's favorites.  Thank you for thinking up such wonderful designs.  You've been instrumental in helping me begin a business I never thought would be possible.  I just wanted you to know you've helped change someone's life for the better!

Anne Biffle Curtains and Home, Cumming, GA

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that this Brenthaven valance has now been in two homes.  I used it over a sliding glass door in one home, where it dressed up the door but didn't interfere with its operation, and then modified the width to fit this window in another home about two years later.  This is a nice feature of your patterns that is useful for anyone who has to relocate as I do, but who doesn't want to waste time and invest additional money in new window treatments.  Thanks so much, it has made my house a home much quicker!  I have also purchased the Madelyn Valance for our home office and will send those photos along when its completed.

Paula McFarland, Laytonsville, MD

I enjoyed making this Marley window treatment.  I sent this picture using a different fabric for the horns.  I did not see many in your testimonials and thought it looked nice.  I love using your patterns.  They are very easy to follow!  I also loved this Eleanor pattern.  I love being able to incorporate several fabrics without thinking too hard!  It looked so tailored when installed, the customer just loved it!  The buttons add that special touch.  Can't wait for you to come up with some new patterns.  I check everyday.  I don't want to miss any.

Sonya Tedford, Fabrications with a Flare, Fayetteville, GA

I was introduced to your lovely patterns by a woman who decorated a home my parents bought in NC.  Your Marley valance was the theme throughout and I was inspired.  I have never sewn a stitch in my life, but promptly went out and bought a sewing machine, purchased your pattern and set to work.  While an utter novice, I think my results attest to the elegant yet simplicity of design in your patterns.  I am thankful, astounded and inspired to try to do more.  You have helped create in me a desire to create!

Kay Mott, South Florida

Although I know very well how to use an old-fashioned sewing machine.  I have never dared to attempt this type of window treatment.  I was intimidated, to put it mildly.  The project took all summer, but my kitchen is finally complete with 5 Madelyn Valances.  I had to change pattern proportions to cover the transom windows behind the valance, as well as cover the head rail of the blinds.  I also chose to ruffle instead of pleat the underskirt.  Once I began sewing, everything came out exactly as measured and planned.  And my husband helped with the construction!  He's a real sharp-shooter with the staple gun.  Thank you so much for the beautiful design and great instructions.  Nobody can believe I made these gorgeous window treatments myself!

Laura Sorce, Darien, IL

These treatments are made from your Pleated Valance with Finials pattern.  Your website is a joy to look at.  It's very useful to be able to see other people's creations. Also, my daughter-in-law and I came to one the Pate-Meadow seminars.  We had a great time and learned a lot. 

Judi Kitchens, Birmingham, AL

I just loved your Dana Valance pattern.  I was glad I only had one window in the room because it was a lot of work...but worth every minute!  I had never used interlining and that really was the secret to a professional look.  I used to sew quite a bit, but now only do a few decorating projects every few years.

Suzanne Crosthwait, San Ramon, CA

I am attaching a picture of your window treatment Marley.  This is the third time I have made this wonderful pattern.  I have made six other of your patterns, and they all are fabulous. I love looking at your website for inspiration. Thanks!

Marilyn Lee, Memphis, TN

I love your patterns. I have never had any experience sewing and these patterns made it so easy.  This was my first attempt sewing a valance and I loved the outcome. I ended up using this valance in my little boys bathroom because it matched his shower curtain perfectly! Thanks!
Blake Kilpatrick, by email

Just wanted to share some window treatments (Cuff-Top, Delaine, Pleated with Finials, Dana, Juliathat I have made using your patterns.  Your patterns have really helped me in my business, since I make window treatments professionally.  Thanks!

Gwen's Custom Window Treatments, Evans, GA

Hi Ladies!

I made these curtains (Brenthaven, Emily, Abigail) for my sister's home decor shop in Hickory, NC, which has also become my window treatment showroom.  I love your patterns, and I appreciate your willingness to give me help anytime I call.

Kelly Little, Cottage Charm, Conover, NC

I just finished making your Julia Valance.  I am very happy with the result.  I am an intermediate sewer who rarely sews anymore.  With a new home and a lot of plain windows, I will be attempting more of your window treatments.  You have inspired me to get out the sewing machine again.

Judi Gnas, Wisconsin

I made the Gusset Valance for my bedroom window.  It's a wide window, about 10ft. wide.  I have sewn for many years and this pattern was a joy to work with.  When I did have a question, help was a phone call away.  The thing that made it a little difficult was working with so much fabric.

Pat Nagy, Kennesaw, GA

I want to thank you for posting the pictures of my valance on your website.  It has given me excellent exposure and has helped me market my valances, although I've many years of experience, I'm a relatively new small home based window treatment studio and this give me much credibility.  I love making your valances.  The end results together with the right fabric color coordination and right trim selection are outstanding.  I soon will do a new job for a customer and will keep sending your some more pictures.  Thank you again!

Jeanette Scarola, The Hip Dragonfly

I recently purchased your Catherine Valance pattern.  Congratulations on developing a pattern and instructions that even someone who hasn't sewn in 20 years can follow and produce.

Carol P., by email

I recently ordered some of your patterns.  The Eleanor Valance especially caught my eye.  I decided to make a practice run and us it in my kitchen slider, kitchen sink window and family room.  I am sending you pictures of how beautiful they turned out.  I loved it so much that I ordered the rest of your patterns.  I found the instructions easy to follow and I will continue to use your patterns in my home and in my customer's homes.  Thank you for your beautiful designs.

Edna Shada, Holtsville, NY

Attached is a picture of the Marley Valance that I made for my master bedroom.  The pattern was the easiest that I have ever used and the result was a professionally finished window treatment.  I have been sewing for 30 plus years and never expected a result like this.  I am truly pleased.  Thanks for giving us these wonderful patterns.  They are simple to follow and the results are fantastic.  The possibilities are endless.

Bea Shento, North Carolina

Attached is a photo of my kitchen curtains made with your Marley pattern. This was my first attempt at sewing a "professional" curtain pattern (I usually use the boring Simplicity patterns and they look home-made). I must say this pattern is truly amazing and easy! I will definitely try more of your patterns as I complete my window treatments

Wendy, Frisco, TX

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy making treatments from your patterns!  You two have a wonderful talent that is blessing others by making homes more aesthetically pleasing.  Living with beautiful window treatments just makes you feel good!  When I have a new client call me about making window treatments, I always tell them to access your website to get inspired about what they might want in their homes.

Cindy, by email

WOW! Thanks so much for your quick reply to my email question.  Your service is just as fabulous as your patterns!  I just love your patterns.  The instructions are easy to follow and the result is fabulous.  I look forward to new additions!

Kathi, by email

Just finished the Melissa curtains for my kitchen.  Though I had to make sizing adjustments, they still worked up beautifully.  They look very professional and unique.  Thanks for the great instructions and for keeping the new patterns coming.  I surf your site often as my house is always a work in progress.  Thanks so much.

C.A. Hartman

Again another pattern of ya'lls was a terrific hit!  Thanks again for all the terrific product you produce.  It has made by job so much easier!  And everyone loves to look at the pictures on your website--that helps a lot too!

Maggie, by email

I love your patterns!  They are easy to use and results are so professional looking. I happened to run across your site several months ago while looking for a valance pattern to use for my daughters newly remodeled kitchen and dining room.  I used the Cuff Top valance pattern but with slight modification. My daughter then chose the Lace-up valance  pattern using a cowboy print for her youngest sons room. We loved it!  The only thing we may change will be the ties for the lace-up as I used the striped fabric and it seems to be hidden in the print - we think a nice leather piece would look good and go with the overall cowboy print. I am anxious to see which pattern from Pate-Meadows she chooses next!

Kathi, Westminster, CO

I am for the most part a self-taught seamstress and couldn't sew a piece of clothing to save my life, but I have done pretty well with window treatments.  I really enjoy the Pate-Meadows patterns because the directions are comprehensive and the outcome is very impressive.

Dana, by email

I will never use another pattern company!  I am redoing my house and all window treatments will be Pate-Meadows Designs!  I have never made window treatments before, but the testimonials urged me to try.  Your pattern instructions are the best and really make superior quality treatments.  I just finished the Claudine Valance for my daughter's room.  We love it!  I am waiting for the Anna Pattern to arrive so I can start that for a friend who loved my Cuff-Top Valance.  Thank you!  Thank you!

June, by email

Just a short note to say I have enjoyed using your patterns.  Not only are they beautifully put together, the instructions are easy.  Thanks for all the hard work and how quickly you get the product to your customers.

Terry, Goshen, KY

This was my first attempt at sewing (except for some arts and crafts classes when I was maybe 8) and although it took me some time since it took me awhile to even figure out how to thread the sewing machine, I though it was pretty easy.  The Baseball Valance matches my son's decor perfectly and I cannot wait to try another pattern!  And another and another....

Kristina, by email

Hi there.  I recently purchased a few patterns from you and thought you'd like to see the Cuff-Top Valance I finished today.  I have two more windows to go but was so excited to get one up so I could envision what they would look like.  Once I get the kitchen done, I will be starting on the Marley for my family room.  I truly love working with your patterns!  I will be purchasing more patterns in the coming months and will send more pictures.  A sincere thanks!

Barbara, Raleigh, NC

I have been sewing "professionally" for 6 years.  I started using your patterns 5 years ago, but have just now starting taking pictures of my work.  This is a small sample of my work (Madelyn, Pleated with Finials 1, Pleated with Finials 2, and Gusset.  My business, Zig-Zag's by Zanne, keeps me booked months in advance--mainly using Pate-Meadows designs.  Thank you girls for providing me with such great patterns and a steady business.  What started out as a part-time job sewing for friends has turned into a full-time business.

Suzanne, Shreveport, LA

I cannot tell you how many people have complimented me on my beautiful window treatments (Cuff Top and MarleyYour patterns are amazing!  I used very high-end fabrics and the results were as good as professional.  I still can't believe that I did them all myself!  My home is an old, historic home the patterns fit nicely with that feel.

Sarah, by email

I just made the Dana Valance for the first time and absolutely loved how it turned out and so did my client.  Ya'll did a great job designing that pattern. Thanks!

Maggie, by email

I have a small curtain business out of my home and really appreciate your patterns.  I also appreciate your  Laminated Designer Packet as it has led to several more pattern purchases which are great additions to my pattern library.  I did the Carriage Valance over the sink and the Pleated Valance with Finials worked great in the breakfast room.  These two patterns are very easy to make and are very versatile as far as what fabric goes where.  They are also very easy to install and look GREAT up.  I really enjoyed this project.

Christina, Adairsville, GA

Thanks so much for your wonderful patterns!  I'm just a beginner but with your wonderful tips and instructions, my window treatments look as if they were made by a professional.  My husband was impressed with the results of the Madelyn window treatment too!  This was the first time I used your patterns, but not the last.  I'm looking forward to my next project.

Robin, Rocky Mount, NC

Bravo for your Brenthaven Valance!  I've been fabricating soft furnishings professionally for the past ten years and have never had an occasion to use a pattern.  My client had an amazing designer (certified ASID ASP, HSP, IRIS) recommend your Brenthaven Valance.  Your directions, the quality of pattern, which can be easily used for other size windows, was absolutely amazing.  I wanted to share the joy of a perfect pattern to follow, directions that were clear, and a client who was overjoyed.  The icing on the cake was that the husband was smiling from ear to ear!  A tip to share for beginner seamstresses - go for it - the directions are the best.  If you can bake a cake you can make this valance.!

Delores, by email

I am a beginner, but am now helping others in my neighborhood with their window treatments!  Your pattern was very easy to do!  Thanks!

Katie, Jacksonville, FL

The Laminated Designer Packet is a great sales tool!  I went on a retail sales call this week and decided to ONLY take the laminated packet with me.  I've been in business for 11 years and it was the quickest design appointment I've ever had.  My client and I were able to select a design within 10 minutes.  I spent another 10 minutes measuring two windows, and was out of her home in 45 minutes at most.  The laminated pages are perfect because they show the treatment in real fabric in a real window, the yardages are right on back, and it is a quick and professional presentation.  Everyone should have a full package of laminated pages for their sales appointments.

Teresa Grysikiewicz, Jacksonville, FL

I think these patterns (Claudine, Indoor Awning) turned out pretty cute.  I can't sew a bit, but my mother obviously knows what she's doing!  You guys have the cutest patterns out there!

Debra, by email

Just wanted to thank you for the great pattern and show you how I mounted this Catherine Valance with knobs I purchased from you as opposed to hanging on a rod.

Chris, by email

I absolutely love your patterns!!  I have made three different valances and they are gorgeous.  Everyone has raved about them.  I just finished the Pleated with Finials and thought you might like to see the finished product.  I am very proud of them.  Thanks for making it so simple with easy-to-follow instructions!

Nancy, by email

I have attached a picture of the Claudine Valance I made for my children's bath.  This is the first window treatment I've ever made; however, I do have experience quilting.  Thank you for such an INCREDIBLY EASY pattern to follow.  It was VERY WELL written!

Christy, Stone Mountain, GA

Hi, I just had to write to let you know how wonderfully easy your patterns are!  I made the Emily Valance for my kitchen windows and they came out beautifully!  I am a novice sewer and these were really my first major effort.  The instructions were so simple and easy to follow.  If I could do it, anyone can.  These were certainly much less expensive to make as I had received quotes of $1,000 to $1,500 to make the two treatments.  I spent about $300 on all materials, including the tassels, trim and rod!  I used high-end materials and achieved high-end results.  I can't wait to do treatments for all my other rooms!

Sarah, by email

Attached are a couple of photos of the Marley Valance made from your wonderful, easy-to-follow pattern.  I am not a professional seamstress, but I have sewn off and on for about 30 years.  I am so thankful to have discovered your patterns!

Pam, Greer, SC

Here are several window treatment pictures including the Marley, Pleated with Finials and the Kasey.  I have been sewing and using your patterns for several years.  I love your patterns.  They are simple and easy to understand.  They are also very easy to modify, if the need arises.  Keep the new patterns coming!

Wendi Carroll, Dacula, GA

I just put up my new valances today.  It was my first major sewing project and I love them.  The pattern was very easy to follow and under stand.  I will definitely order another.

M.E. Larsen, by email

I'm an intermediate sewer.  I love this pattern because it is sew easy, no pun intended. Ha!

Laurie, Hoschton, GA

First, let me say how much I love ALL of your treatments.  You cannot go wrong with any of them.  They are outstanding.  I have used the Claudine pattern for my kitchen and cannot tell you the number of compliments I have had on them.  Since I am a novice "sewer", my friends can't believe I made them--a true compliment to you and me!  The instructions are so concise and easy to understand. like 1,2,3.  The diagrams also are so helpful if there is any uncertainty.  What more can I say except that they are the best window treatment patterns on the market!

Shirley Whitley, by email

I'm a stay-at-home mom who recently started sewing window treatments for customers as a means of making extra money.  My little "business" has blossomed.  I love using you patterns.  This gusset valance was for my very first customer.  She loves it.

Stephanie Pawlowski, by email

I have attached a few pics of some window treatments I have made with your patterns.  I started by own business making curtains for other people when I soon realized that EVERYONE wanted their windows to look like your designs.  I have ordered several of your patterns and always find that they are easy to follow and turn out looking great!!  Keep making those great designs!

Karen LeBeau, Cumming, GA

Here is the Baseball Valance I did.  Thank you so much for great, fun patterns!

Tamy White, Hartwell, GA

Just made the Dana valances for my husband's study and my husband admitted that these were the nicest ones I ever made.  They are so professional looking.  So different from anything I have seen or made before.  Simple to make as well, and all the steps were very easy to follow.

Sharon, Framingham, MA

This valance was my very first attempt at custom draperies that had this much detail.  And yes I am a beginner.  I just plowed right in!

Diana, Parkton, MD

Just thought I'd send you a picture of the Pleated Valance with Finials that I made.  They turned out beautiful and I had a very happy friend/customer who has already hired me to make the Madelyn Valance next for her living room.  Thanks and keep those patterns coming!

Shannon, by email

You have some wonderful valance designs.  This is the first time I used your patterns, but not the last.  I found the instructions very user friendly and the results very professional.  I changed the pattern slightly for a more casual look.  I consider myself to be an intermediate sewer.  I sew primarily home decorating items and some clothes for my nieces.  Thank you for the great patterns.

Rebecca, by email

Hi Friends!  Here is a picture of a "different" application of the Haley Valance for an arched window in a baby's room.  I love your patterns and refer everyone I know to your website.  Thanks!

Marilyn, Memphis, TN

I just forwarded some photos of valances I made using your patterns.  I was a beginner when I made the Cuff-Top Valance, having only made a few pillows and one other simple window treatment before I made them.  My next project was the Madelyn Valance.  Your patterns and detailed instructions are so easy to use.  I particularly appreciate the heavy paper on which the full-sized patterns are printed.  I have also used the helpful tips on your website and found them very useful.  Thank you for your superior product.  I look forward to my next Pate-Meadows project!

Kim, Leesville, SC

 I am a beginner.  I did these curtains for my breakfast nook.  Everyone loves them!

Alice, Jacksonville, FL

Just finished installing this Pull-Up Valance in a customer's home and she loved it!  Your patterns are a breeze to make, and I have loved using them.  We're tackling the Morrison for her family room next!  Thanks again for a WONDERFUL pattern selection.  You're the BEST.

Patricia, by email

I just thought I would send you a photo of my finished product using your Madelyn Valance Pattern.  I am a self-taught beginner to sewing and I found your pattern so well designed and easy to understand and use.  The sketches were a great help.  I look at them and am amazed that I actually made them.  Thanks for the great patterns and designs.  They are unlike any others I have seen in stores.  I definitely will be contacting you for more in the future.

Cindy Foster, by email

Here is a picture of the Kasey Valance that I made.  I am a good/very good sewer with a lot of experience making curtains for personal use, but I found the pattern simple and very informative for someone who may need a little extra guidance.  I think these are quite possibly the cutest curtains I ever made.  These curtains are for my 3 year old daughter's room.

Diane, Providence Forge, VA

I just wanted to let you all know how much I love your patterns!  I read the testimonials before ordering and was a little skeptical when reading about first-time sewers being able to construct valances like the pros.  I thought I'd give it a try, though, and boy am I glad I did.  I, too, was a first-time sewer, and with a short lesson from my mom on how to use her sewing machine, I was able to make a Claudine Valance for my breakfast nook all on my own (pictures attached).  I am so happy with the finished product!  I think the valance looks fabulous.  The instructions with the patterns are awesome.  I know that is why I was able to do such a great job and end up with such a high-quality finished product.  I'm already cutting out the pieces to do two Marley Valances and will be sure to send pictures when I finish those.  I will keep recommending you website to any friends who want to attempt window treatments on their own.  Thanks again!

Leigh McDade, by email

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the Cuff Top Valance Pattern.  I used it for my guest bedroom window and for the topper for a shower curtain.  I think it turned out great the and the pattern was really easy to follow and do!  Thanks for making such great patterns!

Courtney, St. Peters, MO

I just finished the Gusset window treatment for my kitchen, from your pattern.  It was so easy to put together, and fit together beautifully!  Even though I am an intermediate seamstress, I think your patterns would be perfect for any level of sewing experience.  I am attaching a picture for your files.

Linda, Leonard, OK

I love my curtains I made with your Pointed Valance Pattern.  I think they turned out just wonderful and I wanted to share my picture.  I do not sew very often, but when I moved into this house, I knew I wanted something different for these windows and I kept a picture from Southern Living Magazine of these curtains featured some time ago.  I knew these would be great so I tackled the challenge.  I followed the easy instructions and was pleased.  I get a lot of compliments on these.

Resa, Acworth, GA

I just finished the Morrison Valance, and I am very happy with it.  I do sew occasionally, but it is great to have a pattern and directions that are easy to follow and that result in a professional looking finished product.  Also, this was the first time I made my own bias trim and the first time I used "Steam A Seam" which is a great product!  This pattern was lot of fun to sew - I especially liked making the bows.  I am now in the "sewing mood" and motivated to do another one!  I am sending a photo for your files.  Thanks for a great product.

Marcy, St. Louis, MO

I have now finished and hung my Julia Valances and I love them.  They turned out even better than I expected even after not seriously sewing for 25 years.  They have a unique professional look.  I was concerned about the cost of the pattern but they are worth every penny.  I will certainly recommend you folks to friends looking for quality.  Thanks for our help.

Patsy, by email

Hello!  I just finished the Pleated Valance with Finials, and let me tell you, if I can do it, ANYBODY can.  My mother-in-law just got me a sewing machine for my birthday, and I had never sewn anything from a pattern before.  I ordered this pattern from your website, and I was extremely nervous to cut into my expensive fabric, especially since I hardly even knew how to use my sewing machine.  But the pattern was so easy to follow and I think the valance came our beautifully.  It looks like a professional did it.  I have attached a picture of the valance for your to see.  Thank you so much!

Christa, Sarasota, FL

I just finished the Haley Valance and cannot wait for my husband to wake up to help hang it!  I haven't sewn in 15 years and when we moved into our current home with 12 foot windows and arches, I decided to buy a machine and get busy.  Your patterns are easy and make my home look like I paid a decorator!  I need more windows!

Anonymous, by email

Your website just keeps getting better and better!!! Love the picture portfolio!!!

Marilynn, by email

Hello, I just wanted to write and tell you how much I love your patterns and designs.  I do not consider myself an expert sewer, but I have no problem constructing these beautiful designs.  With the unique designs and quality fabrics, my window treatments have a beautiful custom look.  I really appreciate the clear instructions and helpful tips.  I find these much easier than the traditional patterns that are full of "industry terms" not familiar to a novice.

-Lori, by email

I can't say enough good things about the ease of using your patterns.  Thank you again for your help and outstanding customer service.

-Wanda, Crossville, TN

I have completed the Madelyn Valance and it turned out better than I expected and the instructions were clear and easy.  Thank you.

-Julie, Olympia, WA

Girls - I love the new designs!!!   You go girls!!

-Gray, Midlothian, VA

I just finished the Claudine Valance.  It is beautiful!  It was the first time I sewed piping and used fusible seam tape.  It was so easy!  I am ordering the Erin Valance for my kitchen--I can't wait to make it.

-Lori, by mail

I made my first treatment, Celebration, and I was thrilled with the finished product.  The pattern was easy to follow and thorough.  Can't wait to make the Brenthaven.

-Carey, by email

"First let me say how much I like ALL of your window treatments!  I spent a whole afternoon in a fabric shop scouting patterns today and none compare with yours.  Keep up the great designs. I have given your website to everyone I know who sews and they are amazed to find this available to them."

-Shirley, by email

"I just installed by first valance and it is gorgeous!! It looks like a professional drapery seamstress made it.  I can't believe I did it and I have never had a sewing class.  Of course, I wouldn't recommend that for everyone, but your instructions were "sew" easy to follow."

-Jamie, by email

"When I purchased my last pattern and had a few questions, I was so impressed with your customer service.  Such friendly help is hard to come by these days.  You have earned and continue to earn a great reputation among designers and workrooms."

-Amy, Waconia, MN

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